Altcoins without mining including Bitcoin Litecoin Feathercoin

Bitcoin and Altcoins

Qoin Pro HomepageWould you like to earn Altcoins without mining including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Feathercoin, Digitalcoin, Dogecoin and many others?

There is a way to obtain a small amount of each of these coins on a platform called Qoin Pro.

It is free to sign up and there is no risk involved as there are no investments required.

Through the affiliate program you can get referrals until you reach a 1250% bonus for all your daily claims.

It would take about 2500 referrals to obtain this level but this is very possible now days through social media and other SEO strategies.


How does Qoin Pro make their money?

By promoting ICO’s through their Twitter account and other cryptocurrency related programs.

Transactions fees. They charge 25 000 Satoshi per transaction when withdrawing Bitcoin.

Some Altcoins (lower value currencies) are free to withdraw and other Altcoins (higher value currencies) have a small withdraw fee.


Which cryptocurrencies does Qoin Pro support?

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Digitalcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Feathercoin
  • Fedoracoin
  • Infinitecoin
  • Peercoin
  • Virtacoin
  • Worldcoin
  • NEO
  • Earthcoin

Qoin Pro Wallet Balance

You can also unlock Worldcoin, Earthcoin and NEO but you will need to purchase credits via a mobile app. Unfortunately I have had issues when trying to buy credits and support has not been to helpful regarding this matter. Would be great to get some feedback of how this works exactly but for now I’m happily gathering all the other cryptocurrencies presented above. This is obviously a long term project but there is hardly any work involved besides getting more referrals.

There was a great opportunity when the forks occurred for Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold, members would receive a free amount of BCH and BTG based on how much BTC they had deposited at the time of the fork. In other words you had the opportunity to “double your money” so to speak, although Bitcoin Cash is not as valuable as Bitcoin it is still worth $1300 today! It just went crazy in the last couple of days.

One of the reasons Bitcoin climbed so high ($7900) recently is because investors bought up Bitcoin in hopes of getting yet another reward from Wallet Services like Coinbase and Qoin Pro before the Segwit2x fork BUT this time the fork was canceled! This cause a lot of distress and a lot of people sold of their Bitcoin while it was peaking so now it has dropped again to $6300 (approx)! It changes so quickly it is truly like a sew-saw and trades are taking full advantage! Doesn’t matter if it;s up or down as long as it’s volatile there are higher gains when trading.

It is really worth it to signup on this site because as you can see from this chart, I already have 2689 Fedoracoins, if this cryptocurrency manages to reach the $1 mark then this is potentially a lot of money. It’s exactly what happened with Bitcoin.

Currently my daily bonus is 32.8% but the goal is to reach 1250% (maximum potential) and this will be obtained through the referral program.

Qoin Pro Referral Chart

Bonus Breakdown:

20% of my daily bonuses are from my own effort of getting referrals but then I have an additional 12.8% from my referral’s efforts.

To get 1250% is going to be a big challenge but definitely not impossible!



Another common method to gather free cryptocurrency that doesn’t require mining are Bitcoin & Altcoin Faucets which I have written about quite extensively on this website.






You should always be careful when visiting faucets because some of them use hidden browser mining, which means the faucet will use your computer to mine coins for their own benefits. Some have a disclaimer saying this is to fund their website and keep it running, that makes sense, a lot of website that don’t have funding will most likely collapse but at the same time the users are taking hardware strain.

Personally I prefer faucets that don’t have browser miners.

One way to check if a faucet has a browser miner is to open your Windows Task Manager Performance Tab and check if your CPU usage spikes. If your device is idle at about 10% – 15% and you open a browser mining faucet you will see it spike to about 50% – 70% depending on the miner software and your device performance. Some of these miners are very unstable and can sometimes spike to 100%! This isn’t healthy for your computer or mobile so it’s always a good idea to keep monitoring this activity so you don’t damage your devices.


Ledger Nano Wallet for Bitcoin


Please feel free to share your thoughts below or if you have any questions, payment proofs and experience with this site.

Always happy to help you! 😉

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